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Climbing rope maintenance

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2016

Mountaineering is a brave exploration activity is human to faster, higher, stronger development of enterprising spirit of, it is a people and a country's positive performance. Mountain climbing, not just climb climbing wall, enjoying unobstructed views and experience the wild life, climbing is a challenge not only risked their lives, and have tasted hardship, climbing very stimulating, its charm irresistible, but the process is frustrating, and sometimes even life-threatening. The fun inspired and climbing, his charisma was not limited to leisure or sport, can be fascinating, sometimes even begging for more. When climbing to choose a suitable climbing rope is particularly important. Buy for your climbing rope is easy, but the late maintenance and maintenance you need to do it yourself.

Avoid injuries climbing rope

Stepped on the cord is the most common injury, this sharp little particles into rope. Over time, these small particles are constantly cutting like a knife grinding the nylon fibers of the rope. Wearing crampons should keep in mind to avoid the string, because accidentally stepped on will damage the rope, are more likely to have hurt core, but the rope could see no traces. Do not let the cord contact with chemicals or other compounds may cause injury.