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M44 Rope Making Machine

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2016

Performance and Characteristics:

1. Natural or man-made fibre all can be used in this machine for making rope.
2. It can produce coils length from 440-4890m.
3. It can produce or process the three-strand and four-strand ropes.
4. The machine can do twisting into multi-strand and rope making in one time.
5.  High production speed , extremely high output.
Main features:
1.Hydraulic tension system
2.Increasing take-up capacity
3.Double-twist per rotary, two for one twisting
4.Constant tension for rewinding system
5.Lightweight rotating arm part
6.Frequency drive
7.PLC and touch-screen control
8.Low noise level
9.It's high-efficient and energy economical.
10.The structure and processing are designed terse ,friendly and can be used flexibly and conveniently with steady and safe in motion.
11.It's CNC control system which can adjust the strand making and rope twisting without stop machine, easy operation.
12.Pre-twist factor and rope twist can be adjusted and synchronized by three-motors under electrical control system.