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Sisal market application

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2016

Sisal is a species of plant of the genus Agave, also a perennial, succulent and xerophytic herbs, mainly gained from the leaf sheath fibers. Sisal is a perennial leaf fiber crops, and is also the largest amount in the world today, the widest range of hard fibres. Due to the rigid fiber is white, hard and tough (tensile strength), resilient, water immersion, abrasion-resistant, easy to break, and glue less difficult slip characteristics, so yellow, kenaf bast fiber is not a substitute for.

Sisal fiber has these features, can be used in navigation and fisheries, mining, transportation and other requirements of a variety of rope, bound with rope, pulling fishing net rope, drilling wood rope, tied grass rope, wire rope cores and cables such as ships, ships, fishing boats, canvas, tarpaulin, aircraft, automobiles, tire cords, etc. And woven sacks, wall coverings, paper sheets, carpets, wadding mats, entrance mats and so on. General rope, insoles, Sun hats and handbags and other articles of daily use.