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Automatic Winding Machine Features

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2016

Automatic winding machine is in recent years only development up of new machine species, to adapted efficient, and high production of requirements, automatic machine species General are used bulls linkage design, domestic of production manufacturers most are is reference has Taiwan, to of imports models of design, used can programming controller as equipment of control core, tie manipulator, and pneumatic control components and implementation annex to completed automatically row line, and automatically wrapped around feet, and automatically cut line, and automatically handling skeleton, function, this models of production efficiency very high, greatly of reduced has on artificial of rely on , An operator can simultaneously take care of several such devices, production quality is stable, very suitable for high production requirements of processing applications.

But, this models due to integrated has NC, and pneumatic, and light control many of technology, so price small is tens of thousands of Yuan high is a hundred thousand of Yuan, price also makes many of user looked and sigh step, addition due to function requirements decided has the equipment of parts used has large non-standard and custom pieces, so once appeared fault relative of maintenance process will will is complex, cycle also will compared long. Its advanced and higher yields are attracting customers.

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