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Polyester Rope Different Ideas

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

When we analyze various creative approaches, we can easily see how certain features overlap and intertwine. This overlapping and interweaving consciousness Polyester Rope ultimately leads to cross-border cooperation between studios, "mixed-race" projects linking seemingly disparate worlds of opposites, or even designers applying the skills of a field in a completely unrelated field. This trend in the design industry led to the Quentin de Coster project-The birth of the ' rattan (Lianes) ' device designed for the Michelin Leair du temps.

The story of Cross-border cooperation began in March 2013. During the meeting, chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre and designer de Coster respectively exhibited their work and Polyester Rope accidentally noticed a lot in common in their disjoint art world. One years later, the Degeimbre chef invited the designer to create an atmosphere in the restaurant that would match chef's culinary expertise.

Polyester rope and nylon cord are used polyester high-strength silk nylon high-strength Silk, I tested in the laboratory of these two kinds of silk strength, basically no difference, the strength is 8.3c around. This shows that the weight of the two ropes is the same in the case of the same thickness, Polyester Rope twist and weave. But nylon species wear-resistant, polyester species resistance to light, if the knot wear resistance requirements, the choice of nylon, the light resistance requirements high choice of polyester. Polyester Rope Polyester acid-resistant, nylon alkali-resistant, resistance to acid requirements of high choice of polyester, the alkali resistance to choose nylon.