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Polyester Rope Suitable For Overhead Line

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

High-strength traction rope is divided into high-strength polyester traction rope, Dyneema traction rope, nylon insulated rope, silk insulation rope, moisture-proof silk insulation rope, polypropylene rope, nylon rope, hemp rope and other materials, Polyester Rope the user can choose according to their own Of the construction environment, the construction conditions to buy. Rope each have their own advantages, Polyester Rope Dyneema traction rope light weight, pull large, high pressure level of 35KV, suitable for overhead line, the aircraft line, play a guiding role. High-strength polyester traction rope relative to the Dyneema traction rope is much smaller, no Dini Ma traction rope of the various advantages, pressure level of 10KV, suitable for low voltage conditions charged operation. Silk rope, nylon rope is generally used in the electric traction is relatively small, Polyester Rope in this not one by one explained. Silk rope can withstand 220KV, nylon rope can withstand pressure 35KV. Customers in the purchase of rope should pay attention to their own tension, voltage and other issues to choose their own appropriate traction rope.

Polyester rope and nylon rope were made of polyester high-strength nylon nylon high-strength wire, I tested the strength of these two kinds of silk in the laboratory, basically no difference, Polyester Rope the intensity is about 8.3CN / dtex. This shows that in the same thickness, twist the same, weaving the same way, the two kinds of rope bearing the same. But the nylon type of wear-resistant, polyester-resistant light, if the knot wear resistance requirements, select the nylon, light resistance requirements on the election polyester. Polyester acid resistant alkali, nylon alkali is not acid, high resistance to acid requirements on the election of polyester, Polyester Rope alkali resistance requirements on the election of nylon.

Polyester rope and the difference between nylon rope nylon rope is nylon rope Uses: Widely used in the power industry, construction industry, Polyester Rope shipbuilding and other fields. Material: nylon, scientific name polyamide fiber, is made in China polyamide fiber collectively.

Polyester rope and nylon rope difference nylon rope is the advantages of nylon rope: is high strength. Wear resistance, good elasticity, nylon hygroscopicity and dyeing are better than polyester, Polyester Rope alkali and acid, nylon heat setting characteristics, To maintain the bending deformation formed during heating. With tensile strength, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, wear. Life can reach 2 to 3 years.

Polyester rope and nylon rope is the difference between the nylon rope is the nylon rope national standard silk insulated rope, nylon insulated rope, Polyester Rope silk no head rope, silk arc suppression rope, moisture-proof silk arc rope, across the network, insulation fire software, climbing rope, insulation measuring rope, Polyester Rope Power measurement rope safety rope operation rope polyester rope and nylon rope difference nylon rope is nylon rope.