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Polyester Rope The Biggest Is Wear-resisting

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

The polyester rope and nylon rope are made of nylon high-strength silk, and I have tested the strength of the two kinds of silk in the lab. They are basically no different, with the strength of 8.3 CN/dtex. This indicates that the load-bearing of the two ropes is the same in the case of thickness, twist, and weaving. But nylon is wear-resistant, polyester is resistant to light, if the knot wearability requirement is high, choose nylon, the requirement of light resistance is high to choose polyester. Polyester acid acid and alkali resistant, nylon alkali resistant to acid, resistance to acid requirement high - choice polyester, high - resistance to basic requirement nylon.

Nylon is different from polyester: nylon thread is more expensive than polyester thread, and anti-tensile strength is better than polyester thread. Nylon line can be used for performance requirements, such as climbing rope, parachute, hoisting belt, etc.

Nylon yarn twist together and become, produce line has certain strong tensile force, tensile force, luster, high temperature resistant, high speed, mainly is suitable for the leather sewing, such as: shoes, bags, sofa, etc. Nylon thread is the most common leather sewing thread.

Polyester thread flat seam, can suit the needs of different sewing a wide range of industrial products and is widely used, and the unique processing technology of production and become, leased line is very fine clothing kao edge and other assignments Polyester sewing thread, also called SP line, PP line, is to use one of the most common kind of sewing thread, using 100% polyurethane polyester staple fiber as raw material, has the flexibility, submissive, full color and good fastness.

In the same thick case, the two are about the same. We have tested it before, and the nylon high wire used for rope is about the same as the strength of the nylon high wire, which is 8.2mm/t.

Polyester cord which tensile and nylon rope, but the key factors of a rope strength in addition to constitute its silk strength, also because of the influence of twist, the general in the strength of yarn, twist of the rope strength is big, but strength instead of small twist is too large.

The largest of nylon rope is wear-resisting.

Polyester - polyester fiber, characterized by good permeability and hygroscopicity. It also has strong anti-acid and alkaline resistance to uv radiation. In general, the fabric of the multiple of 75D is the polyester, such as 75D, 150D, 300D, 600D, 1200D, 1800D, which are all polyester. The fabric is more rough than nylon.