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Polyester Rope Widely Used

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Polyester Rope Nylon rope, polyester rope and nylon rope nylon rope is nylon insulated nylon cord, nylon traction rope preferred Wuzhou power. Polyester rope and nylon rope nylon rope is the use of nylon cord: widely used in the power industry, construction industry, shipbuilding industry and other fields. Material: Nylon, the name of Poly-acyl ammonia fiber, China's production of polyamide-like fiber collectively. Internationally called nylon. Polyester rope and nylon rope nylon rope is the advantage of nylon wire: high strength. Wear resistance, resilience, Polyester Rope nylon moisture absorption and dyeing are better than polyester, alkali and not acid, nylon has hot stereotypes, can maintain the bending deformation formed during heating. With a large tensile strength, acid, Polyester Rope alkali, corrosion resistance,Polyester Rope  wear-resisting. The service life can reach 2-3 years. Length can be produced according to customer requirements. Technical parameters: diameter mm linear density/breaking strength (t) Seamine 50 0.7 φ 10 70 1 12 100 1.5 φ 14 140 2.2 φ 16 165 2.5 φ 18 200 3.1 φ 20 255 4 2 300 4.5 φ 24 400 6e 25 500 7.5 Our company specializes in the production of traction rope, Denima traction rope, DuPont rope, high strength DuPont rope, Polyester Rope polyethylene fiber rope , electric traction Rope, high-strength polyester traction rope, polypropylene traction rope, power insulated rope, polyester rope and nylon rope nylon rope is the nylon cord GB silk insulated rope, nylon insulated rope, silk without scrunchies, silk arc rope, moisture-proof silk arc rope, across the network, insulation fire-fighting software, mountaineering rope, insulation measuring rope, electric power measuring rope Safety rope operation Rope Polyester rope and nylon rope nylon rope is nylon cord.

The safety rope is woven from synthetic fibres and is an auxiliary rope for connecting the seat belts, and its function is double protection to ensure safety.

Types of Safety ropes:

1, the conventional safety rope, material grade from low to high in order to have polypropylene, polyester, nylon.

2, live work safety rope, material for silk, moisture-proof silk, Denima, DuPont Silk.

3, high-strength safety rope, materials for Denima, DuPont Silk, Polyester Rope high-strength Silk.

4, special safety rope,Polyester Rope such as fire safety rope material for the Heart 4.3mm steel wire Rope, outside the preparation of fiber skin; marine corrosion-resistant safety rope material for Denima, polymer polyethylene; heat shrinkable sleeve safety rope, inner core is synthetic fiber rope, skin with heat shrink sleeve, Polyester Rope wear-resisting, waterproof.

Nylon characteristics: Because the nylon fiber silk soft, smooth, made of the rope is relatively clean, feel strong, tensile strength is relatively high, applicable to all types of lifting place, Polyester Rope the tensile strength of the technical parameters are generally 3-6 times the ordinary rope.

Industry-created safety rope is divided into 2 kinds of production, specifications and models can be customized according to customer demand.

Coarse degree general from Sham 3mm to Sham 40mm, length is not limited.