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PP Baler Twine/Tomato Twine/Tying Twine

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 07, 2016

Product Detail

100% new material polypropylene split film twine, it is made from net yarn , this structure produce friction when it is used to wrap and fix hay bundles , it is more tightly , not easy to slip. It is widely used to fix plants in Green house or baler hay in farm. There are many advantages, such as light weight but good strength, soft, economical, so it is popular in European market ,American market, Russian market and Japanese Market .All twines are added ANTI-UV granules, it is effective to increase lasting ages out of door.

Details of products:


Anti-UV 100% new material    polypropylene split film twine




ball or spool, PVC film shrink , pp woven bag or carton


white, black , yellow, grey ,red or any other colors

Basic Information
  • Package:Spool

  • Specification:1-3 ply

  • Origin:China

Product Description
About  PP Baler Twine/Tomato twine/Tying Twine

PP Baler  twine  is made from 100% high tenacity polypropylene splitfilm. The twine has good resistance to the chemical habitat and average resistance to abrasion. Smooth floating rope which is lighter than twine made from polyester and polyamide has average UV-resistance. An economical price combined with wide applications makes these rope very attractive for customers. Polypropylene split film twine successfully found their applications in the marine transport, the cargo handling, the agriculture and construction.