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Switzerland SSM Launches New Digital Take-up Winders

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2016

Switzerland SSM company exhibitors, according to China textile enterprise of high quality cotton yarn and the demand to save on labor costs, showed at the exhibition CW8-W classic winder and PS8-W precision digital winding winding machine.

CW8-W classic winding machine is used for weaving, warp and circular knitting machine preparation, with its advanced technology and stable operation, help users to reduce maintenance costs. The machine is suitable for winding multiple types of spun yarns. Turn self clean yarn tension and waxing device, yarn friction can be reduced to a minimum.

S8-W precision digital take-up winders for winding and-drum song, used for winding cotton spun yarn. A highlight of this device is that when using this equipment package, processing costs can be reduced by 20%, improved yarn dyeing reproducibility, reduced dye color is another significant advantage.