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Transformation And Upgrading Of Nantong Government Requirements Forcing Wire Rope Industries

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2016

5th, municipality of wire rope industries work again for deployment. Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Han Liming pointed out that current situation of Nantong's wire rope industries, like race, if the speed to keep up progress of pollution treatment, can't follow people expected on the environment, will be eliminated. Next to the more correct concepts, scientific method, more discipline, more powerful force to promote transformation and upgrading of industry.

The meeting, the municipal environmental protection Bureau, the municipal regulation of wire rope Industries Association informed the industry specifics. As of now, residents in sensitive areas of the steel wire rope enterprises all demolition, lead renovation complete, environmental monitoring shows that development zone area of lead content in the air more than a 50% reduction in the second half of 2012.Law enforcement supervision and gradually increase, significantly enhanced enterprise awareness, environmental behavior gradually standardized, Tongzhou district,development zone, gangzha area water environment has been greatly improved.