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Twine Making Machine Buy The Required Steps

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 23, 2017

Winding machine is a modern industrial enterprises to use a very wide range of equipment to facilitate the transport; anti-moisture anti-dust is an essential equipment for enterprises, we buy automatic winding machine is also need to pay attention, especially the winding machine model is different The main wrapping of the items and characteristics of the package is different, not much to understand this customer, in the purchase more difficult. Faced with the choice of this winding equipment, winding machine is the need to buy what steps.

As a purchaser, we must be aware of their purchase of equipment, what needs it to do what is the function, but also to know how to wrap the packaging of the product is, and that is the size of their products and other issues, are To be clear. General suppliers will be based on the parameters of the products you provide to recommend the appropriate winding machine, for example, whether there is a tray, a tray, then the size of the tray is what, then the product is the height of the product packaging, Product is generally what is a product a tray, or a lot of small and scattered products a tray.

Moreover, customers need to use the winding packaging. In general, winding packaging machine is mainly standard machine, in the standard machine on the basis of the equipment can increase the tray, the product is too high, but also increase the size of the corresponding. Product packaging need to tray, there is no need, the top of the pressure, the level of pre-stretch, pull-stretch, on-line, cylindrical, ring-type, tray M-type, rocker, Way for customers to choose.

When the machine selected should pay attention to:

1. After the machine arrives at the site, check the packing list of the machines and parts, accessories are complete, the machine is damaged in the transport.

2. Open by the specified position of the box (be careful not to damage the winding machine), check the equipment and random accessories according to the random packing list.

3. Read this manual carefully for installation, commissioning and use.

4. Be sure to provide a correct, stable and reliable fixed power supply (no use of temporary lines).

5. Equipment factory chain and reducer has been lubricated or oiling, please confirm before running.

6. Turn on the power, turn the electrical cabinet in the air switch, the control panel to control the power switch to open, the machine after power-on self-test, in standby mode, you can debug.

Winding machine, widely used in foreign trade and export, food and beverage, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, electromechanical castings and other products of the assembly costs, to prevent the damage in the handling of goods, and play dust, moisture and cleaning effect.

1, the primary demand is clear that the customer needs to package what kind of product. Although the winding machine is very useful, involving all walks of life, some commonly used wrapping function can be satisfied, but for the packaging requires more professional goods, the plane is usually able to complete a very good role, and according to the specific packaging status Planning machine scale and size.

2, choose after-sales service excellent winding machine manufacturers. In the increasingly fierce competition in the packaging market, the face of the quality and technical level of almost a lot of manufacturers, we need more than their after-sales service. Now we fight is the technology and services, the procurement of any product just started, the company to grow long, we must use excellent and reasonable after-sales service for the quality of customers, and such a long-term development plan of the company, must also want customers cooperating.

3, in the same function and price conditions, try to choose a simple operation, repair simple automatic winding machine equipment, not only can improve work efficiency, but also can save the labor intensity of workers.

First, the winding packaging machine technical features:

1, professional winding machine with automatic detection of photoelectric height.

2, tension elasticity adjustment, the maximum stretch ratio of 1: 3.

3, the top and bottom of the package number of arbitrary set.

4, accurate zero state.

5, well-known winding machine factory accessories electrical, quality assurance.

Second, the winding packaging machine structure Main features:

1, winding machine production structure is solid.

2, digital electronic control circuit, high stability, long life, low failure rate.

3, slow start and stop the device, to avoid falling the upper packaging.

4, can display the screen, easy to operate.

5. Up and down packaging can enter data settings.

Now we all know for the purchase of automatic winding machine need to pay attention to the matter of the bar. When we buy the winding machine, we need to master some of the necessary common sense, in order to choose among the many manufacturers that you favorite. Enterprises in the production winding machine, must be high quality, high efficiency, in order to better use.