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Twine Making Machine Conditional Restrictions

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

With the rapid development of China's composite materials industry, glass fiber reinforced plastic pipes, storage tanks, containers and other products, due to the production process, Twine Making Machine mechanical properties and other conditions, in terms of product quality compared with foreign counterparts still have a certain gap.  The new intelligent wet sandwich fiberglass winding machine is a self-programmed control device, Twine Making Machine which breaks through the key of intelligent control technology in FRP winding production. It realizes the fully automated production of sand, resin ratio and winding speed. Compared with similar products increased by 20% or more. The mechanical weaver has a sand process of successful research and development, Twine Making Machine greatly reducing the consumption of raw materials, production costs fell more than 12%. Self-developed intelligent humidified carbon fiber composite winding machine, in the technological innovation, Twine Making Machine through the development of intelligent winding yarn angle control process, to further enhance the tension coefficient, the product strength compared with similar to improve 10%; winding resin intelligent humidification new technology success Application, not only improve the curing properties of products to ensure the stability of the quality of products, but also improve the efficiency of 15%.

When the FRP winding machine into the semi-automatic state, then the spindle switch is set to "positive spindle reverse" or "positive" or "anti" state, Twine Making Machine and then slowly rotate the spindle speed control knob, when the spindle rotation after. We want to set the "left car right" switch in the "left" or "right" state, the "current winding way" window will indicate the direction of movement of the car such as "bed" or "bed", glass Winding machine began to exercise the car, if the spindle began to accelerate after the car began to automatically accelerate.

In the semi-automatic setting, Twine Making Machine the width of the initial yarn is "linear design", when the semi-automatic distance and the actual pitch is different, we can "car acceleration" and "car slowdown" button to increase or Reduce the width of the yarn. Semi-automatic winding length is no limit, that is arbitrary, Twine Making Machine it is by the FRP winding machine "left car right" switch the location of the decision, if the "left car right" switch in the middle of the time, the car is stopped The