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Twine Making Machine Efficiency

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 27, 2017

The raw material belt winding machine is for the thread accessory automatic winding raw material belt's intelligent machinery, replaces the traditional manual winding raw material belt work way, greatly enhances the work efficiency and the winding quality, Twine Making Machine lets "the raw material belt how Entwine" is no longer the question. Then, how to use the raw material belt winding machine?

In the use of raw materials with winding machine, please first the thread accessories with brush clean, and then in the automatic winding machines installed on the raw materials with automatic winding machine special raw material belt, and then put the threaded accessories to the winding mouth, Twine Making Machine grasping the thread accessories to the winding hole push pressure placed can be. The raw material belt winding machine will be in accordance with your set parameters automatically winding raw materials to the threaded accessories.

What is the difference between the raw material belt winding machine and the manual winding? The simplest is: hand-wound raw materials to the threaded accessories easy to slip, and not close enough, and raw materials with winding machine wrapped in a very neat, thread shape is very clear, Twine Making Machine not easy to fall off.

Rui Mechanical raw material belt winding machine winding joint scope is more: Ze 8-Z2 inch more can be entangled. The use of raw materials with winding machine, is generally a manual winding speed of 3-4 times, each wrapped in a thread accessories is in 4 seconds or so, will greatly improve work efficiency, for enterprises to create more value.

In the process of operation, Twine Making Machine equipment safety precautions:

1. Please confirm that the machine said the use of power, do not mistake the power supply, the machine uses single-phase $literal, two-color line for grounding line, play a protective role.

2. When the machine is running, Twine Making Machine it is forbidden to pedal on the machine.

3. The machine is not allowed to be installed on soft ground

4. Do not allow the need to wrap the object on the edge of the turntable

5. Emergency, you can press the switch, disconnect the motor power, so that the machine emergency stop.

6. After the completion of the day's work, should clean the machine once

7. To ensure safety, please do not arbitrarily disassemble electrical equipment

8. Only electrical technicians can repair electrical equipment