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Twine Making Machine Equipment

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 29, 2017

Winding machine turntable, mold frame up and down and the film speed is adjustable, the adjustment methods are inverter adjustment. So it involves the choice of the inverter, which is related to the life of our winding machine equipment, choose a good inverter not only to extend the service life of the winding machine, but also in the daily use to prevent damage to the winding machine, then how to choose Inverter?

Wrapping machine load bearing is generally about 2 tons, but many customers are overloaded in the operation of the equipment. If the customer packaging the goods too heavy, some winding machine is unable to meet the requirements, if forced to operate, it is likely to cause damage to the winding machine, or reduce the life of the equipment, so this situation requires special customization, And to solve the heavy-duty packaging packaging load-bearing problem, the most important thing is to start from the inverter and turntable.

The thickness of the steel plate of the winding machine is generally about 8mm, the low end generally has six nylon roller roller from the fixed support role, while the six nylon roller, can also run, thus driving the turntable operation, if the load Big words, you need to strengthen the turntable. The same time as

If the user chooses the inverter power less than the motor power, or the user placed on the turntable items larger than the winding machine itself load, then the packaging machine in the operation of the inverter will run because of overload and suddenly stop, then the user can start again Equipment to continue to work, but a long time to work, the components of the inverter damage will be great, over time will be aging, the last device will completely stop working.