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Twine Making Machine Job Description

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Winding machine, widely used in foreign trade, food and beverage, plastic chemical industry, glass ceramic, mechanical and electrical casting products such as the cost of container, can prevent damage of the goods in the handling process, and dust, moisture and the cleaning effect.

The principle of winding machine is to place the wrapped object in the center of the rotary disc and turn the rotary motor, which will naturally turn the rotary disk and make the object realize the peripheral winding machine. At the same time, the elevator motor also starts, which drives the wound binding machine to move up and down to achieve the high direction of the object, which realizes the wrapping of the entire outer wrapping of the object. This is not only beneficial to the storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading of packaging requirements, and can prevent damage of the goods in the handling process, dust, moisture and cleaning effect, also reduces the production cost, improve the production efficiency. The main part of the winding process is the adjustment of the film tensioning force and the membrane. The film tensioning is generally achieved by adjusting the rotating speed and adjusting the motor speed. As long as you know that the rotary speed is greater than the motor speed, the film will tighten, and the principle of the looser will not be difficult to operate


Winding machine is a flexible packaging material that wraps the package in whole or in part. According to the packaging, the package can be divided into:

The whole wrapping type winding machine. Includes the knot type, the cover type, the body type, the seam type and other wrapping machine.

Semi-coil winding machine. Includes folding, contraction, drawing and winding machine.

The winding machine can be divided into: "tray winding machine, no tray winding machine, horizontal winding machine, cantilever winding machine, circular winding machine, roller winding machine, steel belt winding machine".

Automatic winding machine: automatic winding machine, semi-automatic winding machine, manual winding machine.

The winding machine can be divided into pretensioning, resistance drawing and mechanical prestretching.

Current market mainstream products are "tray wrapping machine, no tray winding machine, pretension winding machine".

Job description

Film frame system: pretensioned film frame, pretensioning can reach 250%, automatic delivery film, dc speed regulating system control film tension

Lifting vertical column: double chain structure, adjustable speed variation

The rotary table features: adopt m-type opening, can enter the hand with forklift truck;

Control system: PLC programmable control, button operation panel, simple and clear;

Operation function: automatic operation, automatic completion of machine setting function

Self - motion measurement of cargo height and photoelectric shielding function, rotary table automatic reset

There are manual winding functions, which can be used to set top/bottom winding number, up and down times, the number of winding number and the top time

The market price chaos of the winding machine is from RMB16000 to RMB80000

The main reason lies in the structure of the equipment and the control of tension and the control ability of the three groups

Before choosing this device, consult the technical unit of professional manufacturer, select the machine that accords with the actual product


In order to meet the unitized goods storage, transport and mechanical handling operation of packaging requirements, design and manufacture the FY2000 type, tray type, coping style, resistance type of pretension film winding machine series products, widely used and the foreign trade export, food and beverage, irrigation, papermaking, dyes, plastic chemical industry, glass ceramic, machine S electric casting products such as container cost.