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Twine Making Machine Small Operation Is Simple

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 27, 2017

The self-propelled winding machine is a wrapping machine that wraps itself around the wrapper. It has the advantage of being suitable for larger, Twine Making Machine heavier and less moving products for packaging, compared to pallet winding machines; Machine size must be increased, this will take up a lot of space to place the machine, and self-winding winding machine small operation can be easily moved to the workshop anywhere, such as; upstairs, Twine Making Machine downstairs can be transported by elevator, In front of the installation of safety devices, such as the obstacles encountered in the operation of the machine will immediately stop working, Twine Making Machine the people and the machine play a protective role, the machine set before the work of its speed, mold frame rise and fall speed and winding tight After the work can be started (specific parameters refer to the manual), when it is working on the left side of the machine has a casters close to the goods or the tray, Twine Making Machine the goods as the axis around the goods to walk, self-winding winding machine has two configurations ; Low with high with low with 3 million -4.5 million high with 10 million range.

Self-propelled winding machine packaging advantages:

 1, a variety of packaging options to control. With the upper and lower reciprocating, Twine Making Machine single or single, the central fixed position to strengthen, manually select the work mode 4 kinds of individual packaging, free to choose.

 2, the use of batteries for power. Self-propelled winding machine is powerful and has low noise.

 3, packaging automation, save space. Self-propelled winding machine can move at any time, which not only saves the space of the factory and warehouse, Twine Making Machine but also convenient to transport to the scene immediately start work.

 4, unique fast film on the body. Wear film quickly and easily, high efficiency.

 5, the use of programmable control system. The parameters can be automatically adjusted in the control panel, the control panel with liquid crystal display, easy to operate.

Self-propelled winding machine is a more flexible packaging method of a film winding machine, in addition to the advantages of the general packaging machine, Twine Making Machine but also has many other film winding machine does not have the advantage. Twine Making Machine Self-propelled winding machine has the above advantages, compared with other equipment, more flexible, can be applied to some tray winding machine, cylinder winding machine can not move the environment, making it more convenient and efficient.