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Twine Making Machine Solution

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

Winding machine common faults and coping methods:

A, the machine is not activated when the start

1, the total power is not connected, then check the external power supply, re-transmission; control power is not connected, then use the key switch to turn on the power or close the switchboard switch.

2, pause button press, then press again, let it bounce. When the emergency stop button is pressed, the emergency stop button is released.

3, the power cord and other equipment, then re-connected to the independent power supply. PLC damage is replaced.

B, winding machine does not turn the turntable

1, the inverter burned, the phenomenon is no display, then replace the new inverter; inverter parameter is wrong, then re-set in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Technology.

2, the inverter chain, then adjust the size of the sprocket this distance, connect the chain, if the chain is damaged, replace the belt. The turntable motor itself is faulty, then use a multimeter or shake table to detect whether the motor is missing or breakdown, if the site can not repair, then replace the motor; turntable itself failure, replace the new reducer knob damage; chassis does not turn (E type Equipment) is replaced PLC does not output, update the PLC, turntable reducer and sprocket connection is not normal, then for the connection level key.

C, the mechanical turntable turned up after the noise: the ground is not flat, the user is required to organize or replace the place to place; individual wheel wear serious, then replace the wheel; mechanical turntable to push the drive to start the inverter slow start start set too Long, then reset; dial switch is damaged, then check the DIP switch.

D, mechanical active roller, membrane frame connector (square bar) damage, damage during transport or man-made crash, then replace the new.

E, mechanical film rack can not adjust the film speed, mechanical DC governor box damage, no output, the replacement of the new mechanical speed control box; mechanical gear box damage (very unlikely) to replace the new mechanical speed control box.

F, mechanical often film

Mechanical use of the tensile film quality is poor, it is recommended to buy the factory machinery manufacturers film. Or fine Jiu company to provide the film, quality assurance, the price is reasonable. Wrapped wrapped around the corners of the goods is too sharp, then try to avoid or repair sharp corners, it is recommended that customers use the paper angle to slow transfer film speed. There are burrs on the guide rollers, then sanded with sandpaper. The speed of the mechanical turntable is too fast or the film feeding speed is too slow, the stretching speed is reduced so that the draw ratio of the stretched film is reduced.

G, mechanical film frame does not send film

The use of DC power is not connected, then re-connect the mechanical DC power supply; DC motor burned, then replace the mechanical DC motor; DC speed control box is damaged, then replace the mechanical DC speed control box; DC drive box damage, Replacement of mechanical DC governor box.

H, mechanical film frame does not rise or fall

If the field is not repaired, replace the new mechanical motor; the upper and lower limit switch is not pressed, then adjust the mechanical limit switch position so that it can pressure If the limit switch is loose, the mechanical limit switch is re-pressed; if the limit switch is damaged, replace the new mechanical limit switch; PLC No output, then replace the new mechanical PLC.

I, mechanical film frame rose to set the height after the non-stop.

1, the photoelectric switch is damaged or black, dark brown objects are not sensitive, then adjust the angle and reflection distance.

2, photoelectric switch angle is not right, can not feel the goods, then adjust the angle and reflection distance.