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Twine Making Machine Uniform Strength

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 06, 2017

Large-scale glass fiber reinforced plastic flue, Twine Making Machine tower special field winding machine:

Uses: This machine is a special equipment for the spot winding glass fiber flue and tower, mainly used for large-scale glass fiber reinforced plastic flue, Twine Making Machine tower lining, structural layer production, stripping. For lining, winding, curing, stripping one machine.

Features: Product specifications (DN5000-10000 * 12000):

This winding machine is suitable for large flue and tower winding. Large flue, the tower requires uniform thickness of the upper and lower, uniform strength, Twine Making Machine and this winding machine is the use of the principle of winding ordinary pipes to ensure that the overall thickness of the same product, uniform strength. The vertical winding machine suitable for winding the lower part of the thick and high resin content, suitable for chemical tank winding. Ordinary scene horizontal winding machine,Twine Making Machine each tank should first assemble the internal mold, winding and then remove the internal mold is very low efficiency.

The mold is composed of several pieces of template, Twine Making Machine which is convenient for transportation and transported to the scene. The winding is finished in two halves. After the winding is finished, the hydraulic cylinder is used to shrink the mold and start the mold release. Twine Making Machine The large cantilever winding machine is easy to mold and improve. Production efficiency, production efficiency is two to three times the ordinary field winding machine.

The machine is driven by the head drive system, winding platform, winding car, dipping tank, creel, glue system and leaching head, control system, winding machine driven bed head, Twine Making Machine movable tailstock, opening and closing mold, hydraulic pump station , Twine Making Machine Telescopic cylinder, the central axis, hoist, stripping car, stripping car walking track, steel beam, jet machine composition.

Open and close the mold after the completion of the installation, the extension of the mold, rotating the spindle, wrapped polyester film, lining, winding, curing, Twine Making Machine lifting mold release car, dragging the product, shrink the mold, start off the car to the tail, End of production.

Cans wrapped in food and beverage packaging is a common process, easy to pull the wrapper is the cans to a fixed number of packages for the packaging of mechanical equipment; Twine Making Machine traditional wrapping machine there are many kinds, most of the use of the beat of the production mode, Not only the production efficiency is low, and the mechanical structure is complex, more and more can not meet the front and rear and the entire production line of the process and speed requirements; we use LMC078 +10 * LXM32S control system of the wrapper to achieve a fully automatic continuous production of wrapping Fast and simplified electrical and mechanical structure; greatly enhance the production efficiency, simplifying the operation process, Twine Making Machine to the customer has brought an unprecedented user experience. To achieve the perfect customer needs, thanks to the LMC078 high-performance SERCOS bus communication and excellent motion control.

Automatic transmission before the automatic start of all the servo to complete the origin of the work, and then start the automatic operation, Twine Making Machine suction paper, pressure tank, export transmission, forming the left, forming the right, Twine Making Machine the middle of transmission, the middle of the left and middle transmission of the right servo to follow the virtual spindle synchronous operation ; Twine Making Machine The front belt sends the cans to the front of the feed shaft, until the front end of the feed shaft can be filled with a certain number of feed shaft left, the feed shaft is dynamically cut into the spindle movement according to the virtual spindle angle; by switching the feed left and feed The right cam curve can be achieved in the product specifications on the change, the three rows, two rows, one row of the package.