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Twine Making Machine Widely Used

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

The winding machine has the revolutionary significance automation, has changed the traditional packing manufacture method and the product transmission way. Twine Making Machine Whether from improving product quality and production efficiency, or from the elimination of processing errors and reduce labor intensity, have shown a very clear role. Especially for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other industries, is crucial. Twine Making Machine The technology of automatic devices and systems engineering is further deepened and widely used.

Robotics (Robotics) has changed the way the human machine coexists. Twine Making Machine The key of automatic packaging is to design a structural scheme which can realize automatic control according to the process of production, processing or packaging. The choice of an automatic device (manipulator or robot) depends on the needs and characteristics of the process. According to the definition, an automatic device is a machine or an organization that can accomplish tasks by means of automatic control or remote control. It can be simple, for example, Twine Making Machine to move from one position to another in a single-axis pneumatic pressure linkage; Twine Making Machine it can also be complex, for example, a robot with a six-axis dynamic surgical operation. The selection of various items in the packaging process and the various industrial automation organizations can make each design project complete in a space within a specific workplace.

At present, the structure of the automatic device is of various types. Can meet the needs of a specific operation. The structural characteristics of the industrial manipulator are between the single axis and the six axes. According to the performance of this kind of axle structure, Twine Making Machine the manipulator's "arm" is designed to operate an end operator or an ARM end tool under a motion controllable program. The number of axes represents the "freedom" of the mechanical arm. In addition, there are auxiliary arms. For example, conveyor shafts, etc., Twine Making Machine but they are usually not mechanically connected to the manipulator's main arm. For different manipulator forms, the general is based on its "x", "Y", "Z" three main axes of the coordinate system to classify. Most of the machines are of the following five basic types: Cartesian or Cartesian coordinates, cylindrical coordinates, rotary or hinge-type coordinate systems, spherical or polar coordinates, and flexible combination manipulator (Scara).

Simple Type Winding Machine

Manual control of the winding process. The packing speed is low. Roll speed, turntable/rotational speed, winding size can not be adjusted. The overlapping amount, flanging amount, Twine Making Machine winding layer and the height of the wrapped film of the film are controlled by manual operation. cannot be connected to the production line.

Semi-automatic Winding machine

Manual and machine control of the film wrapping process. The packing speed is low. Roll roller slider speed, turntable/rotational speed, winding to size can be adjusted at any time. It can set up the overlapping amount, flanging amount, winding layer number and so on of film wrapping film, and can adjust the film height according to the change of cargo height.

Automatic type Winding Machine

(That is, the production line type) machine automatically controls the wrapping process, the wrapping speed is high. The automatic model can be directly connected with the conveyor belt on the production line, the operation control system can be connected to the main control machine of the production line, the uniform control of the feed and output of the goods and the operation of the conveyor belt, Twine Making Machine and the location of the packing center is automatically determined. All the adjustment parameters are preset, the clamping film and the film-cutting device are automatic electric control, the winding machine is equipped with detachable safety protection bar and the automatic safety lock to ensure the safety of the operator.