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Twine Making Machine Winding Body

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

For the precise control of the tension of each wire is winding machine first to solve the problem. Precise control of the spool, can be arbitrarily adjusted to the process required wire tension. Twine Making Machine And the whole machine wire where all the rolling friction, put an end to the traditional winding machine sliding friction on the external impact of wire tension. The market single-sided forward direction, so that the traditional equipment on both sides of the market caused by serious tension uneven phenomenon will not happen again. And other domestic manufacturers called the "tension compensator" than the more prominent advantages. First, Twine Making Machine our tension control is the absolute value, the process requires how much is how much, rigorous and accurate. The compensator is only a torsion spring device designed according to the knitting machine spindle, which is only a "virtual value" for the control tension. And the design of the beginning did not take into account the fatigue of the spring and the domestic spring with the steel wire material instability, simply can not ensure tension balance, the second, compensator use, Twine Making Machine time-consuming, laborious, high failure rate, expensive Spool with a compensator, cost 400 yuan -500 yuan).

It is a key factor in whether or not the wire diameter and pitch are strictly enforced and conform to the process requirements. Traditional equipment for the machine under the type of spool by the size of the size of the impact of the size of the circle diameter, pitch can not be fully protected. Even if the relative meet the requirements, Twine Making Machine when the machine winding body, because each wire is sliding friction, completely destroyed the key of the two data. So only "machine on the type" can completely solve this problem. Korean-made machine is scheduled for sliding friction, tighten tighten each wire to come out of the circle diameter, pitch, but no doubt the quality of steel wire has strict requirements. Because in the actual work found that he frequently broken wire phenomenon. And a shaft of multi-filament imitation Italian models, can only complete the circle, Twine Making Machine did not consider the pitch, by the equipment to solve the trip, the effect can be imagined. My company is focused on the abolition of each of the shortcomings of the independent research and development of the rolling machine on the type of device, each wire diameter, pitch precision. The role of the hose when the same conditions, to improve the hose pulse pressure played a significant role in promoting.

The impact of the winding stroke on the product is self-evident. Twine Making Machine CNC winding machine all the operating point of all the servo motor control, just enter the process on the touch screen requirements of the travel data, the computer will automatically calculate the relationship between the points and traction, in the field of measurement shows that every 50 pairs of travel only difference 0.1 micron, Twine Making Machine no need for traditional equipment that by adjusting the infinitely variable speed to control the way the trip.