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Twine Making Machine Winding Way

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 12, 2017

Winding machine, winding packaging machine), widely used in foreign trade, food and beverage, plastic chemical industry, glass ceramic, mechanical and electrical casting products such as cost of container, can prevent damage of the goods in the handling process, and dust, moisture and the cleaning effect.

Working principle

Winding machine works will be wrapped object placed in rotary center, start the rotary motor rotation, the nature of the drive wheel rotation, make the object implements the outer wrap film machine. At the same time lift motor start, winding machine drives the twisting enlacing machine do up and down the whole assembly, to the object height direction of winding, which is to achieve the object the whole appearance of the packaging. This is not only beneficial to the storage, transportation and mechanized loading and unloading of packaging requirements, and can prevent damage of the goods in the process of handling, dust, moisture and cleaning effect, also reduces the production cost, improve the production efficiency. In the process of winding is the tensioning force adjustment and wear film. Generally by adjusting the rotary speed and adjust the speed of the motor can achieve the degree of film tension.

Performance characteristics

The rotary table will slow down to prevent the cargo from falling off. The rotary film frame makes the packaging more closely fit. Strengthen the area where needed to make the packaging perfect. The film spacing can be adjusted, the packaging material is more economical. Reposition the rotary table to ensure accurate positioning during handling. The photoelectric measurement is high, which can be used to measure the height of the package. The bottom, top of the package number and the number of packing times adjustment is convenient. Overload protection is safe and reliable, easy to maintain and easy to operate. Manual and electric truck selection. Applicable to the above floor area.

Three kinds of type

Simple type

Manual control winding process. The packing speed is low. Roll speed, rotary table/rotor speed, winding for size cannot be adjusted. The amount of overlap, margin, winding layer and cargo coating height of the film are controlled by the manual operation. Cannot connect to the production line.

Semi-automatic type

Manual and machine control coating process. The packing speed is lower. Roll speed, rotary/rotating arm speed, winding for size can be adjusted at any time. It can be predetermined that the overlapping volume, margin and winding layer of film coating can be automatically wrapped in the film, and the coating height can be adjusted according to the height of the cargo.

Automatic type

The machine automatically controls the coating process. The package speed is high. Fully automatic machine can be directly connected to the production line conveyor belt, operation control system can be on the production line control, unified control of the goods into the given output as well as the conveyor belt running, and automatically determine packaging center position; All the adjustment parameters are preset, the clip film and the cutting device are automatic electric control. Equipped with detachable safety fence and automatic safety lock to ensure the safety of operators.

Usually the winding machine has manual and automatic winding two ways.

1. Manual winding:

Membrane plane fell to the bottom, put on the chassis of the goods, put in the film roll roll seat, according to wear wear thin film membrane way, then, start the rotary motor to rotate the wheel, the film will be on the bottom of the goods, when you need the ring number of twisting is reached, according to the film carriage up button to make the film frame up to the required position (photoelectric measuring high effective); Press the film rack down button to lower the film shelf to the bottom. Repeat the above process to complete the packaging and stop. Not only stretch film winding machine, but other packaging equipment such as a baling machine and a contraction machine also have this manual operation.

2. Automatic winding

The stretch film winding machine is in the initial state, put on the goods, wear the thin film, select the number of up and down, up and down times, the top time, after the automatic start button, the whole process is completed automatically.