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Winding Machine Common Fault

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

The line winding machine used in the production and processing of our modern electric coil is an intelligent electrical equipment integrating mechanical, electrical, sensing and data centralization. Many common winding machine fault equipment can through own data processing and judgment of the sensor, in order to ensure the efficient operation and the control precision, when coiling machine malfunction should be timely according to the fault code to troubleshoot equipment failure, here are more common failures:

1. The equipment cannot be started normally

The possibility of such damage troubleshooting part, usually because the wire coiling machine running parameter setting error, caused by a common coil number and speed error set to 0, the winding parameters directly related to the normal operation of the equipment, should check before boot device after setting aside, to prevent a data set.

2. Automatic stop during normal operation

Similar problems, should be the focus of the screening is ribbon cable coiling machine machine spindle drive mechanism and the working condition of each drive out of a hardware failure, the parameter setting should check whether the coiling machine speed setting is mainly on the parameter setting is too high, the line diameter, automatic line of line width is required and the skeleton.

3. Accident control system alarm

Wire winding machine's daily operation process, because of the data accumulated for a long time and high strength, are lead to some accidental alarm, winding equipment for this type of alarm should be timely controlled winding machine manual processing method of exclusion.

The inspection and maintenance of automatic winding machine and its auxiliary equipment

1. Inspection and maintenance of horizontal winding machine

1) check the lubrication condition of each rotating part frequently to ensure good lubrication.

2) check the fastening conditions of bolts in various parts, and tighten them immediately after loosening, especially the base bolt of the rear seat must be firm and reliable.

3) when the machine is rotated, it is not allowed to operate under the winding.

4) when working, check the top of the flower table and the tail seat to have the bending and fracture, and find the problem to be repaired in time.

5) when the machine is rotated, it is not allowed to carry out the operation such as commutation, speed adjustment, etc.

2. Inspection and maintenance of vertical winding machine

1) check whether the connecting bolts of the winding machine and the winding die are fastened or they must be refastened.

2) whether there are any unsafety factors such as breakage of the machine, if any, it should be excluded.

3) check whether the telescopic cover is in good shape, and adjust the size of the opening to the outside of the disk or the outer diameter of the winding winding, to ensure the safety of operation.

4) check whether there are any hangers or other objects in the vicinity of the winding machine or other objects that are not in operation, or should be reconnected to the position of the working objects such as the layout tray.

After the above contents are checked and correct, the winding machine can be started to work.

Inspection and maintenance of winding press and assembly rack

1) whether the lifting system is normal or not, if there is a failure or unsafe condition such as card death, tilt, stall, etc., professional staff should be asked to repair and remove the unsafe factors.

2) if there are any unsafe factors such as damaged or damaged electrical power supply and protective cover, if any, it should be excluded.

3) whether the winding center is in positive with the compaction mechanism or otherwise.

4) if there is an operator under the compaction, the standing personnel shall not be allowed under the starting pressure.

5) the hydraulic pressure press must check whether the pressure gauge is in the time of use, whether the reading is correct, whether the hydraulic station is working properly, whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, otherwise the rear operation should be ruled out.