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Winding Machine Maintenance Information Tracking Method

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

Winding machines are devices that wrap linear objects onto specific workpieces, usually for copper wire winding.

Use range

Most electrical products need to use enameled copper wire (referred to as enameled wire) around the induction coil, you can use the winding machine to complete this road or multi-channel processing.

For example: various motors, hollow cup motor, rotor, stator, pin inductance, chip inductors, transformers, solenoid valves, word inductors, resistors, ignition coil, RFID, transformers, audio coils, IC card high and low frequency coil , Focus coil and so on.

Textile industry, multi-purpose cotton yarn, man-made fiber line, such as winding a variety of textile machines for the yarn group, the bloom can also use the winding machine to process.

Maintenance method

Winding machine fault classification is nothing more than: electrical, mechanical, transmission, pneumatic (if any) these types, of which the electrical part is divided into strong, weak, and winding machine manufacturers generally in its CNC system Design, use and maintenance, have to consider the vulnerable, easy to fault parts to give the alarm, the alarm circuit work, on the one hand in the display or operation panel to give sound, light and other alarm information, on the other hand issued a protective command. So that the system power or stop working to ensure safety and prevent the expansion of the fault.

Machine reset method

In general, the winding machine due to instantaneous fault caused by the whole machine error, available hardware reset or switch system power in turn to clear the fault, if the system work memory due to voltage instability, plug the circuit board or rectifier switching power supply under pressure caused by confusion , You must initialize the system to clear, before cleaning should pay attention to the current data backup records, if the reset after initialization can not be resolved, the hardware replacement diagnosis.

Prepare a trial run procedure

The preparation of a reasonable program and the success of the machine is to determine the integrity of the system as a basis for the system, some winding parameters may cause the system failure or a function is invalid, and sometimes due to user program error caused by failure to stop You can use the preparation of test procedures to check, correct the user program error to ensure its normal operation.

Make good use of the adjustable parts

Such as the tension of the winding, the screen voltage, the starting position of the cable rack and other adjustable parts of the adjustment, in the maintenance is a simple but effective way. Through the adjustment of the adjustable parts, to correct some harmless fault. Such as in a company to repair a use of the winding machine for many years, the system display screen dull, after adjusting the screen power supply voltage after the normal.

Spare parts replacement method

In the maintenance of the winding machine, with a good spare parts to replace the suspected failure of the parts, maintenance personnel to determine the basic reasons for the failure, this method can be used to quickly diagnose the fault range, and the winding machine into the normal operation, and then the bad Parts to return to repair, which is the most commonly used troubleshooting methods.

Improve the environmental quality law

For some very strange fault, with the replacement method can not find the reasons, often need to start from the surrounding environment, the environment is generally divided into two, power and space. Power supply improvements can be used to stabilize the isolated power supply to improve the fluctuations from the power supply, for some from the power of high-frequency interference can be used capacitive filtering method, through these preventive measures to reduce the power supply caused by the failure to increase and check the ground is good It is also necessary. Space interference for a variety of reasons, dust, gas, the foundation of the virtual, vibration, space radiation interference, and so forth, need experienced technicians and professional equipment to detect and maintain.

Maintenance information tracking method

According to the actual work of the winding machine and the previous fault records, can be found due to winding machine design or production process defects caused by accidental failure, through continuous improvement and improvement of system software or hardware to solve. These modifications are made available to maintenance personnel in the form of maintenance information. Through these customer feedback, the company can be used as a basis for troubleshooting, correct and thorough eradication of failure, the user is reasonable feedback is my company constantly improve the powerful help.

In short, the winding machine maintenance of the first step is based on the phenomenon of failure, as soon as possible to identify the real causes of failure and fault location, these fault handling methods, the actual use of no strict boundaries, and sometimes only one way to rule out Failure, may also need a variety of methods at the same time. Its effect depends mainly on the experience of maintenance technicians and their understanding of the principles and structure of the system and the depth of the master. This is both maintenance personnel must have the quality, but at the same time on the maintenance staff made a very high demand, it requires CNC Winder maintenance personnel familiar with the winding machine structure and design ideas, familiar with the performance of CNC winding machine, only In order to determine the location of the failure, in addition, the maintenance of some of the circuits and parts for field mapping, as a senior maintenance staff should also have a certain ability to draw engineering drawings.