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Winding Machine Operation Procedure Method

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 13, 2017

Winding machine Fault classification is nothing more than: electrical, mechanical, transmission, pneumatic (if any) of these kinds of electrical parts are divided into strong, weak electricity, and winding machine manufacturers generally in its numerical control system design, use and maintenance, Winding Machine have to consider the easy damage, easy fault parts to give alarm, alarm circuit after work, on the one hand in the display or Operation panel to give voice, light and other alarm information, on the other hand issued protective instructions. Enable the system to power off or stop working to ensure safety and prevent fault enlargement.

First, the whole machine reset method

In general the winding machine due to instantaneous fault caused by the machine error, can be hardware reset or switching system power supply in turn to clear the fault, Winding Machine if the system work storage area because of voltage instability, unplug the circuit board or rectifier switching power supply due to the confusion, the system must be initialized to clean up, Winding Machine clear before the current data backup records, Winding Machine if the reset after the initialization of the fault can not be excluded, then the hardware replacement diagnosis.

II. Preparation of trial run procedure method

To compile a reasonable procedure and run successfully is the basis to determine the function of the whole system. Some winding parameter setting error may cause the system malfunction or the function is invalid, sometimes because of the user program error to cause the breakdown downtime, Winding Machine this may use compiles the test run program to carry on the examination, corrects the user program error, Winding Machine guarantees its normal operation.

III. Use of adjustable parts

such as winding tension, screen voltage, the starting position of the line rack and other adjustable parts, in maintenance is a simple but effective way. Correct some harmless faults by adjusting the adjustable parts. such as in an enterprise repair a use of many years of winding machine, its system display screen gloomy, after adjusting the screen supply voltage normal.

IV. Replacement of spare parts

In the maintenance of the winding machine, replace the suspected faulty parts with intact spare parts, the maintenance personnel basically judge The fault reason, Winding Machine can use this method to diagnose the fault range quickly, and make the winding machine put into normal operation, Winding Machine then return the bad parts to repair, this is the most commonly used troubleshooting method at present.

V. Improving environmental Quality law

For some very strange fault, the exclusion substitution method also can not find the reason, often need to start from the surrounding environment, the environment is generally divided into two kinds, power and space. Power improvement can be used voltage isolation power supply, to improve the fluctuations from the power supply, for some high-frequency interference from the power source can be used to filter the capacitor, Winding Machine through these preventive measures to reduce the power caused by the fault, increase and check the grounding is good is also necessary. There are many reasons for space interference, such as dust, gas, the foundation of the vain, Winding Machine vibration and so on, space radiation interference, the need for experienced maintenance technicians and professional equipment to detect and maintain.