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Winding Machine Replace Wire Gauge

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Transformer Winding Machine is used to turn the transformer coil special equipment, Winding Machine in the transformer coil production process, according to the transformer voltage level or capacity to divide the winding equipment, there are winding distribution transformer high and low voltage coil around the automatic cable Wire machine and foil coil winding machine; there are winding large power transformer coil vertical winding machine and horizontal winding machine. Winding Machine In the use of the time need to pay attention to the first debugging is good, but the type of transformer winding machine has a different tuning method.

Winding machines and shelves for fixed reels. Corresponding to the product of the winding mold and baffle. Scissors, wrenches, needle nose pliers, wooden hammer and other tools. Winding Machine The corresponding drawing file.

Meet the requirements of the double glass envelope or enameled wire. Shelf board insulation film paper ventilation strip white yarn with glass cloth tape insulation catheter transparent adhesive tape

According to the drawings required to prepare the winding mold, wire, insulation film and ventilation materials such as air. Check the winding machine before use: forward, Winding Machine reverse, etc. are normal. If you have any questions (especially the specifications of the line), you should report to the person in charge of the production department in time. Please confirm the production department. Coil is divided into coil and double coil, winding method is quite different, should be carried out as follows:

Respectively, installed mold, baffle, skeleton board, Winding Machine with a wrench tight. Insulated film with the same length of the film in the skeleton board tight packing 3 laps. Stick with a transparent adhesive tape so that it will not loosen. Thread through the baffle and set the length of the thread according to the requirements, wear with the wire gauge to adapt to the insulated catheter, the catheter must pass through the baffle, Winding Machine and ensure that the winding mold can be around more than half a circle to ensure that the catheter will not Slipped out of the coil. The length of the catheter outside the baffle should be not less than 60mm.

Tap the coil should be required in accordance with the order of the tap, Winding Machine and in accordance with the order of the tap, with particular attention to the number of turns should be accurate; catheter will tap the two lines together, and directly lead to the root of the tap, Winding Machine the baffle set aside 60mm On the catheter, the tap outside the length of stay required to reserve. In order to ensure that the line ends do not cause inter-turn short circuit, the line should be folded at the location of two layers of glass cloth or polyester insulation film.

If the drawing requires a tap position to replace the wire gauge, the tap wire should be longer than the small line, and note that the wire size should match the drawing. Winding Machine Such as in the wound into a connector appears in the 8mm are as an external type, and in the baffle outside the 80mm cut.

Ventilation should be applied to the four corners of the coil. Pad the ventilation bar, around a few turns after the wooden hammer, respectively, in the coil on each side of the four sides of the beat, Winding Machine so that the air will not slide, and then continue to win. Winding Machine In the winding secondary coil (coupling coil), the first around the primary line, the first line after the first flattened again with polyester insulation film dressing three and a half and with a transparent adhesive tape sticking seams, with a ventilation strip will be around The pad is twisted around the secondary line so that the primary and secondary lines are electrically isolated.