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Winding Machine Set The Precautions

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

Winding machine in our electrical coil processing operations are common equipment, its operation is characterized by high-speed, spindle rotation, etc., in the course of the operation if you do not pay attention to safe operation is very prone to security incidents, our common winding equipment are generally There are protective devices or obvious security warning, the operator in compliance with the safety rules and the rational use of equipment under the premise is to avoid these security risks.

First, to prevent the rotation of objects away and throw

Winding machine spindle are generally equipped with fixtures, skeleton, auxiliary items, etc., these parts must be locked in the fixed process, screws and other standard parts should increase the locking parts, must not be free to add the attached parts, The configuration of the security device must be reasonable to use, can not be illustrated and unauthorized removal, high-speed rotation of the object strength and speed are very high, likely to cause damage to the operator.

Second, the winding operation when the clothes were wrapped

In the winding operation requires the operator to carry out the manual process manual operation, this time as the equipment suddenly turn is easy to winding fingers, clothing, etc., the use of equipment in strict compliance with the operation of the special plane rules, the body parts leaving the winding area after the operation Bootable device.

Third, the equipment components accidentally injured operators

In our common large and medium-sized winding machine in the fixture, tailstock, etc. are relatively heavy, in the operation of these components must be reliable control, installation in place, winding equipment operating area can not be stacked foreign body, these foreign bodies in the equipment Running prone to fall, there security incidents.

Common winding machine operation and setting precautions

1, such as self-adhesive line, enameled cotton, etc., set the diameter to increase a lot, because the skin is not creamy, less inertia characteristics.

2, fine wire around the entanglement speed not too slow, but must use a slow climb start, so as not to pull off the wire.

3, thick line is not too fast (speed), but must pay attention to whether the low-speed torque is sufficient

4, the use of aluminum, please note that the tension should be transferred to a thin copper line than a lot of fine, so as not to wire diameter, external insulation paint burst, affecting the quality of the product.

5, the use of aluminum due to reduced tension, set the diameter to be appropriate to increase. Linked to their own strength need to take some less than the wheel.

Second, was around the [shape] and the cable of the bump and outlet distance has a considerable relationship:

1, the square is not too fast to be around the material speed, the middle will be convex and unyielding, affecting the cable neatly.

2, was the height of the object and the cable should be appropriate, too low line easy to fall into the next layer, too high there will be jumper phenomenon.

3, the cable and the object should be the distance between the lead should not be too far, will affect the cable with the coupling of the accuracy.

4, the cable outlet of the loose, but also related to the winding and cable Peugeot or not.

Third, the winding machine settings Note:

1, the calibration is the width of the object and the winding point for the first priority, and the most important.

2, when the winding point is correct, start winding, available two parking test first set the correct width.

3, when the start winding, regardless of Peugeot or not, can provide a lot of information for your reference.

a, around the point too far or too behind (outlet and the object was no vertical phenomenon).

b, the cable is too thin or too dense (wire diameter is not correct).

c, both ends are too fast or too slow (width setting is incorrect: too fast = not enough width, too slow = too wide).

d, cable with the coupling is faster or faster and slower (and then fine-tune the size of the wire: the faster = change the smaller, the slower = change).

e, pay attention to the layers after the cable with the coupling environment.

f, was around the multi-layer after the change.

g, enameled wire marked the size of the wire diameter for the actual diameter, so set the diameter must be added when the thickness of the paint box will be correct.

h, winding is completed, the cable return (displacement) or not also affected.

i, sparse around the cable, the best way to move forward, the width of the best to narrow a little.