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Winding Machine Simplicity

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

In the winding machine in the application of the characteristics of the inverter Winding machine compared to the traditional winding device function has become quite perfect and more in line with the requirements of modern electrical coil winding, spindle speed is already a standard configuration , Winding Machine Spindle motor speed Our common applications are AC variable frequency speed control, DC speed control, brushless motor speed control, which AC frequency control is our most applications

There are many kinds of frequency changer types, Winding Machine versatility, simplicity, vector control type, they are arranged in different types of winding equipment versatility is generally configured in automatic winding equipment, used to control the equipment start and stop, Winding Machine speed; simplicity Commonly used in ordinary CNC winding equipment, vector-type frequency conversion is also a mature technology in recent years, it is generally applied to the motor output requirements of the high winding equipment.

Winding machine use conditions have a certain degree of special, frequent start, rapid acceleration and deceleration, load is not uniform, long hours of work is its use characteristics, Winding Machine the application of the inverter must meet the winding equipment operating conditions, Strong overload capacity and high precision control performance, but also has a certain communication capacity in the winding equipment control system to form a set of equipment control network.

Winding machine during operation, Winding Machine are the use of classified fixture to assist the winding machine to complete the needs of different winding, winding machine fixture main performance in the following aspects.

First, can reduce the time of mold loading and unloading, improve labor productivity Tooling fixture generally have two processes, one fixture itself in the installation of the equipment fixed and spacing adjustment, the process is mainly between the fixture itself and the connection device , Winding Machine The process of the fixture itself need to be corrected and detected, is the fixture can play the use of the key procedures; Second, the winding skeleton in the fixture installation and commissioning, this process is generally used to locate the positioning block or positioning pin to achieve Honing fixture design and manufacture of reasonable procedures.

Second, Winding Machine to ensure that the relative winding accuracy and product quality in the winding process, the skeleton and the relative position between the wheel and the margin, obtained a guarantee, Winding Machine and not susceptible to other factors, Winding Machine and thus the product The winding accuracy of the same reliable.

Third, can reduce the technical requirements of the operator and the labor intensity As a large fixture special fixture clamping device only need a simple fixed domination or move the handle to achieve the clamping of the skeleton, so to a large extent Reduce the time and difficulty of the workers to correct the position and adjust the skeleton position, Winding Machine the construction of a reasonable fixture does not need to find and adjust, so these special fixture low-pressure foil winding machine to reduce the technical requirements of workers and reduce the labor intensity The

Fourth, increase the winding machine winding processing difficulty Many winding machine fixture can not only be a kind of clamping, but also clamping different types of skeleton, Winding Machine and its own position with the device, you can make the fixture itself Can be used in different types of winding machine, which have expanded the winding machine winding processing scale.

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