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Winding Machine The Particularity

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 26, 2017

In the winding machine in the application of the characteristics of the inverter Winding machine compared to the traditional winding device function has become quite perfect and more in line with the requirements of modern electrical coil winding, spindle speed is already a standard configuration , Winding Machine Spindle motor speed Our common applications are AC variable frequency speed control, DC speed control, brushless motor speed control, which AC frequency control is our most applications, this article talk about it in the winding equipment applications.

There are many kinds of frequency changer types, Winding Machine versatility, simplicity, vector control type, they are arranged in different types of winding equipment versatility is generally configured in automatic winding equipment, used to control the equipment start and stop, speed; simplicity Commonly used in ordinary CNC winding equipment, vector-type frequency conversion is also a mature technology in recent years, Winding Machine it is generally applied to the motor output requirements of the high winding equipment.

Winding machine use conditions have a certain degree of special, frequent start, rapid acceleration and deceleration, load is not uniform, long hours of work is its use characteristics, Winding Machine the application of the inverter must meet the winding equipment operating conditions, Strong overload capacity and high precision control performance, but also has a certain communication capacity in the winding equipment control system to form a set of equipment control network.

Winding machine fault classification is nothing more than: electrical, mechanical, transmission, pneumatic (if any) these types, of which the electrical part is divided into strong, weak, and winding machine manufacturers generally in its CNC system Design, Winding Machine use and maintenance, Winding Machine have to consider the vulnerable, easy to damage the part of the alarm, the alarm circuit work, on the one hand in the display or operation panel to give sound, light and other alarm information, on the other hand issued a protective command. So that the system power or stop working to ensure safety and prevent the expansion of the fault.

In general, the winding machine due to instantaneous fault caused by the whole machine error, available hardware reset or switch system power in turn to clear the fault, Winding Machine if the system work memory due to voltage instability, plug the circuit board or rectifier switching power supply under pressure caused by confusion , You must initialize the system to clear, clear the current data should pay attention to the current backup records, if the reset after initialization can not be resolved, the hardware replacement diagnosis.

The preparation of a reasonable program and the success of the machine is to determine the integrity of the system as a basis for the system, some winding parameters may cause the system failure or a function is invalid, and sometimes due to user program error caused by failure to stop You can use the preparation of test procedures to check, correct the user program error to ensure its normal operation.

Such as the tension of the wire, the screen voltage, the beginning of the line frame and other adjustable parts of the adjustment, in the maintenance is a simple but effective way. Through the adjustment of the adjustable parts, to correct some harmless fault. Such as in a company to repair a use of the winding machine for many years, Winding Machine the system display screen dull, after adjusting the screen power supply voltage after the normal.

In the maintenance of the winding machine, Winding Machine with a good spare parts to replace the suspected failure of the parts, maintenance personnel to determine the basic reasons for the failure, this method can be used to quickly diagnose the fault range, and the winding machine into the normal operation, and then the bad Parts to return to repair, which is the most commonly used troubleshooting methods.

For some very strange fault, Winding Machine with the replacement method can not find the reasons, often need to start from the surrounding environment, Winding Machine the environment is generally divided into two, power and space. Power supply improvements can be used to stabilize the isolated power supply to improve the fluctuations from the power supply, for some from the power of high-frequency interference can be used capacitive filtering method, through these preventive measures to reduce the power supply caused by the failure to increase and check the ground is good It is also necessary. Space interference for a variety of reasons, Winding Machine dust, gas, the foundation of the virtual, vibration, space radiation interference, and so forth, need experienced technicians and professional equipment to detect and maintain.