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Winding Machine The Quality Of The Transformer Directly Affect The Quality

Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 29, 2017

With the rapid and steady development of China's economy, the demand for electricity is also growing. Transformer as the power industry power transmission and transformation of the basic equipment, widely used in power plants, converter stations, substations and the client, in the power industry occupies a very important position, its demand is increasing, the market prospects are very broad. Which on China's transformer production efficiency put forward higher requirements, accompanied by a global energy crisis, the production of more energy efficient and efficient transformer is imperative. It is in this context, China's transformer manufacturing standards are repeatedly increased, the performance requirements of the increasingly stringent requirements. Transformers have two future directions: one is ultra high pressure, large capacity, the other is efficient, intelligent, small and low noise. Transformer quality and economic and technical performance in addition to the impact of structural design, to a large extent depends on the manufacturing process and manufacturing equipment, technical level. In order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for transformer quality and performance, we must improve the technological level of the transformer winding machine to enable it to produce transformers that meet the needs of national power development.

Transformers are generally composed of iron core, coil, shell and the necessary insulation material. Transformer coil is generally divided into high voltage coil and low voltage coil, high voltage coil is generally used round insulated wire wound, low pressure coil is generally made of flat insulated wire or foil around the system. Transformer coil winding system is the core of the transformer manufacturing process, a great impact on the performance of the transformer. It not only directly determines the transformer's external dimensions, loss and weight and other major economic and technical indicators, but also directly affect the transformer mechanical properties, insulation properties and heat resistance and other major quality indicators. The traditional winding of the transformer coil is to rely on manpower to insulated wire in accordance with the requirements of the production process wrapped around the workpiece, and by the operator to count the number of resistance. Using the traditional winding way, not only the winding system is low, the quality of the finished coil is also poor. The current transformer coil winding system commonly used automatic winding machine, it can significantly improve the production efficiency and cable accuracy. In the automatic winding machine, there are winding large winding transformer vertical winding machine, there are winding low voltage level and smaller capacity transformer horizontal winding machine and foil around the machine.