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We have complete rope / twine production equipments from yarn extruding, twine twisting to rope making. We also produce plastic machinery with different models relevant with rope production, including yarn extruding machine, twisting machine, rope making machine, winding machine and ball making machine.

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Laizhou Lutong Plastics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of rope, twine and plastic machinery located in Laizhou city which is near to Qingdao port. We produce different size rope and twine with kinds of material, such as PP, PE, polyester, just, cotton, according to customers’ requirements and pack them with different shape based on different markets.


In the winding machine in the application of the characteristics of the inverter Winding machine compared to the traditional winding device function has become quite perfect and more in line with the requirements of modern electrical coil winding, spindle speed is already a standard configuration , Winding Machine Spindle motor speed Our common applications are AC variable frequency speed control, DC speed control, brushless motor speed control, which AC frequency control is our most applications, this article talk about it in the winding equipment applications.
The winding machine has the revolutionary significance automation, has changed the traditional packing manufacture method and the product transmission way. Twine Making Machine Whether from improving product quality and production efficiency, or from the elimination of processing errors and reduce labor intensity, have shown a very clear role. Especially for food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, electronics and other industries, is crucial. Twine Making Machine The technology of automatic devices and systems engineering is further deepened and widely used.
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